Spouse Neglect: 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV

At one time, this 1976 Alfa Romeo GTV was painted gold and likely had a presentable interior and engine bay. Now, after years of sitting following the passing of its owner, ths car exhibits extensive evidence… more»

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Muscle Truck Showdown: F150 Lightning Vs. Chevy SS

  This 1990 Chevrolet 454SS pickup is clearly a tired example, but these trucks are still considered desirable collector’s items as vestiges of an era when Chevy and Ford went toe-to-toe with high horsepower haulers. Low… more»

Weird Looking Pontiac: 1970 VW Karmann Ghia

This isn’t your typical kit-car. In fact, this isn’t a kit-car at all! Reader Pat L. sent us this Karmann Ghia that has been turned into a miniature Pontiac Firebird–sort of. The front clip is a… more»

Forgotten Founders: 1960 Panhard PL17

When most people think of early car manufacturers, they think of Karl Benz and Henry Ford. While both Ford and Benz were essentially influential in getting cars to where they are today, there was a third… more»

Winter’s Coming! 1986 Nissan 720 4X4 King Cab

Winter’s a’comin’, unfortunately, if a person lives in a region that gets cold and snow for 5+ months out of every year and they don’t like it and never have. 1986 was the last year for… more»

Cheap French Commuter: 1959 Renault Dauphine

Having sat since 1975, this Renault Dauphine is a sharp looking small car, and was clearly tucked away somewhere nice for the last 42 years. Untouched, this little French machine is going to need some work… more»

Hurst Hauler: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Station Wagon

In terms of 1960s and 1970s American car culture, it seems that muscle cars and Hurst go hand-in-hand pretty well. Famous for its shifters and other high-performance parts, Hurst worked very closely with the Big Three… more»

Parked for 25 Years: Corvette Collector Edition

The Collector Edition C3 Corvette is a bit of an anomaly, as the packaging essentially amounted to special wheels and colors, and over 6,000 were sold. Featuring “unlimited availability,” you can still find nearly new ones… more»

Rare Convertible? 1964 Chrysler 300

It’s blue, it’s a Chrysler, and it’s a convertible. These are all things that get me excited! Although this Chrysler is a little older than the MoPar products I typically involve myself with, this is a… more»

Not a Dolphin: VW Bishcofberger Camper

The range of mini camper conversions is somewhat hard to plot, as it seems there’s always an oddball or two like this Volkswagen pickup-based R/V running around the English countryside. Here in the states, we’re accustomed… more»

Less than 25K Miles: 1984 Ford Escort

The seller of this 1984 Ford Escort typically takes in interesting donated vehicles which usually have some tragic flaw, such as structural rust or engines that have run without coolant for years. That’s just the nature… more»

One Of 750: 1987 Shelby CSX

In addition to looking worn out and battered, this 1987 Dodge CSX Shelby edition is missing its original turbocharged powerplant and doesn’t currently run. It’s hard to imagine a car emblazoned with the name Shelby could… more»

Rebel With A Cause: 1959 Rambler Rebel

Rambler offered many cars in their time, and by today‚Äôs standards, and nearly 58 years later, many cars of this era no longer have a cause as rust and neglect have taken them to the point… more»