Rot-Free Frame: Barn Find 1965 Corvette

This recently discovered 1965 Corvette convertible is said to need everything, but it fortunately has a rot-free frame that will justify the expense of putting it right. The seller notes the motor and transmission are present… more»

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Free To A Good Home: 1965 MGB

This once, I don’t think anyone will think the price is too high unless they’d like to be paid to haul it away. This MGB is rust free, that is, the rust is free along with… more»

Porsche 914-6 Clone Project Needs To Go!

As much fun as the 914 is, there is a lot of room for improvement with these little mid-engine sports cars. Even Porsche realized it needed more power, hence the creation of the 914-6. There really… more»

Ultimate Land Yacht: 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe

If you want the ultimate land yacht to hit the open road in, you really can’t get much larger or luxurious than an Imperial Crown Coupe! This was Chrysler’s answer to Cadillac and Lincolns massive luxury… more»

Just Needs Brakes: 1981 Corvette

It looks like this Corvette has received some custom touches, but it looks to mostly be cosmetic. The seller doesn’t offer much information, but claims it has been parked for the past 17 years. It’s going… more»

Rare in Yellow: 1986 Corvette Indy Pace Car

I blame Matchbox for making me not appreciate the years when a yellow Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car was an easy car to find. As a kid, this was one of numerous toy cars in my… more»

No Reserve! 1962 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are interested in a classic or vintage (depends on your definition of the terms) pickup truck. The Fords, Chevrolets and GMCs are too expensive and the Dodges are too… more»

1970 Mustang — Too Far Gone?

As the seller so eloquently puts, “time has taken it’s toll” on this 1970 Mustang submitted by reader Bill W. It’s located in Cobleskill, New York and can be found for sale in this ad on… more»

Near Mint: 1978 Plymouth Sapporo

To this day, the Plymouth Sapporo and Dodge Colt Challengers remain two of the more interesting outcomes of the Chrysler / Mitsubishi partnership that materialized in the 1970s. Essentially a Mitsubishi Galant Lambda in drag, this… more»

One of One: Cadillac Fleetwood Show Car

While a late-80s Cadillac Fleetwood D’Elegance wouldn’t do much for your pulse on a normal day, today is not normal. This particular example – a survivor of a 1987 model – is purportedly a one-off show… more»

Super Something: 1973 Chevy Nova

This is a pretty nice looking third generation Nova but have you ever seen a more ridiculous placement of an “SS” badge? ┬áIn 1973 the SS option was only the badge, black grill, and wheels. At… more»

That’s Some Patina: 1949 Mercury M68 Truck

They really don’t build vehicles like they use to. As cool as modern cars and trucks are, I don’t imagine we will see too many of them still around in 68 years. While this ’49 Mercury… more»

German Power: 1967 Ford Falcon Diesel

Now this is an interesting idea! The owner of this Falcon decided they wanted better fuel mileage and something truly unique, so they dropped a Mercedes-Benz inline six diesel engine and 5 speed transmission in it…. more»